Noiseplug – rca plug that plays chiptunes


Do you remember those first 8 bit computers and video game consoles? Do you remember how beautiful music they were able to play? This unusual device is a combination of modern technology and charm of 90’s. A seemingly simple plug, hiding a very small attiny10 microcontroller and two watch batteries inside – plays 2 minutes long Chiptune track, after plugged into the amplifier input.

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4x100W car audio amplifier


400W car power amplifier. Based on a push-pull converter with TL494 (KA7500) driver, 500W of power is enough for four TDA7294 integrated amplifiers. Three three-digit multimeters on front-panel shows actual battery voltage, temperature, and estimated output power.

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Kolorofon na USB


This project is a remake of an old discolights pod. Original 24V 5W bulbs are changed to 230V 40W with E14 thread. Original driver board has non-typical signal input. This driver is based on the FT245RL chip, a USB-LPT converter – so you can use it with PC applications such as discolitez. Low voltage part is supplied directly from the USB so there is no need to to use any transformer…

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Nie-zwykła żarówka – RGB


The “not-ordinary bulb”, as title say, typical glass and metal bulb with electronic inside. Powered from miniature AC-DC converter – i have used that one from 230-5V USB chargers – it has enough power (about 500mA) for few RGB leds. Next is Attiny13 (SOIC8 package) based RGB driver, it not only can change colors, but has 3 modes and an automatic color and mode saving to eeprom memory – so after power up you always will see last seen mode and color.

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Elektronic business card 85 LED


Electronic business card / scroll display. 85 SMD 0805 led’s matrix display, Atmega88V uController, and couple of other smd parts. Dimensions are 24mm x 85mm, supplied from 3V small coin battery. It will work for long time, even on discharged battery (2V). After button is pressed, device is waking-up from power-down mode and start scrolling text equivalent to pressed button. 4 text’s are saved in eeprom memory, each one can be 127 character length (128 cell is used for holding special end-char).

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High-power TV-B-GONE flashligt


High-power flashlight version of TV-B-GONE (v1.2). It uses 1W infrared emiter diode, 940nm wavelenght. Note that other wavelenght (like 850nm) will strongly decrase range of device. Led requires a collimator, i have used 25*. Note that if you want to shoot from higher distance you must put a 15*, and 45* for switch-off mane tv’s at once. Supply as in original flashlight, 3x AAA batteries. Resistor R1 is for region select, solder for EU or leave-it for US. PCB diameter is 20mm, can be sawn to 18mm.

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Interactive mug coaster


Interactive mug coaster, thanks to analog temperature sensor LM35 and uC builded-in analog-digital converter, device can read temperature from standing on it glass. Device calculates temperature and smoothly light-up our drink with slowly changed RGB colours. When temperature is under 20*C then displayed colors are cold, and when temperature is above 28*C then colors are hot. When nothing stands on device (temperatures from 20*C to 28*C) then it automatically swich off. Fusebits are: 4,8Hz internal clock, not divided by 8. Supply voltage is stabilized by 1117 type stabilizer to 3.6V. The red LED requires lower voltage, and current on that…

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