Welcome to my site, dedicated for DIY constructions.

Site is divided into two main sections in which i publish posts:

Constructions – here lands every each finished construction and electronic circuit, if its worth it in my opinion. They are described pretty fully with detailed photographs, with attached all files needed to make a copy of construction for yourself. I also publish the source codes very often. Most of those constructions have their english translation made by me – well its not perfect but for sure better than any automatic translation.

Blog – here lands rest of posts, which in the vast majority are all sorts of guides, including such as making printed circuits boards in home. In this section may also appear some important news. Unfortunately, those are not translated to english, you can use automatic translation for them. Well, its hard to run such site in two languages, its very time consuming for me to translate bigger text using technical language.

In both sections in every posts comments can be added, for i encourage you to. Thanks to those constructive comments, i can make something better, upgrade something, make a new better version of device, or answer for any post related questions.

Other sections of menu are:
Programs – a set of quite handy programs for workshop of any electronic programmer.
Woth the visit – few good places in the web, worth the visit (only polish)
Forum – small phpbb forum, resurrected after almost two years :)

My english is not very good, but most of the articles in the “constructions” section have their english translate.

And now, few more or less important things. If you are first time here, please take a 5 minutes and read the text below. It will help avoid any misunderstandings.

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22 august 2007 – created “diy” account on the elektroda.eu server, first version of site was created (copy).
15 february 2008 – site was upgraded to new PLURALISM template, and i think it looks not bad (copy).
10 november 2008 – switched to WordPress blog system moving all the articles.
15 february 2010 – added advertisements on site, thanks to them, i will buy some new staff to my workshop.
1 march 2010 – added the “printed circuit boards A to Z” guide, not translated, sorry.
7 december 2010 – added the “other tips”, not translated either, sorry.
26 february 2011 – created twitter account, follow me there to be up-to-date with circuits and site updates.
4 march 2011 – added language switcher in left sidebar, at least this will be properly organized. Translations will be added successfully.
20 november 2011 – installed Forum. It will allow more clearly and easy discussion, rather than wordpress’s comments system.
4 october 2012 – moved from a free elektroda.net hosting to a paid one, new mdiy.pl domain
4 april 2013 – divided my site into two main sections – constructions and a blog with a set of guides
1 november 2014 – whole site was rebuilt, details here
22 february 2017 – whole site was moved to a new server, build on Orange Pi PC Plus + Armbian

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, problems, etc related with circuit – please ask in comments below this circuit article, and even better if you will use forums (highest chances to get help). If you have a private matter to me NOT related with problem with a circuit (you want to ask me if i have pcb to sell, you want to exchange with urls, etc), please use contact form which is at the bottom of this site (i will NOT answer privately on questions related with circuits).

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Guest who speak with their native language – if you have some questions, PLEASE, don’t write with your native language as i will not try to translate it. Would you want to decode my polish? I think no :) Try to write in english, with HELP of an automatic translators (like google translator, it’s quite good). I guarantee that we can successfully communicate in this way.

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